Duplo DC-645 SCC, 2005 Video

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Duplo DC-645 SCC, 2005 Video

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Duplo DC-645 SCC, 2005

Serial #050453417

New Rollers & Cutters

Business Card Module


Serial Number050453417
Stock Number2565
Paper SizeInput 8.26" x 8.26" to 14.56" x 25.59" Minimum output: Slit width 1.89" x 3.35"
Paper Weight 80 lb. text - 130 lb. cover (110 gsm - 350 gsm)
Paper TypeNon-coated, coated, laminated
Speed Up to 26 sheets per minute
Input Tray Capacity3.93"
SlittersSix rotary slitters (two margin and four center slitters)
Slit Accuracy ±0.2 mm (±0.3 mm for business cards)
Margin Slit Width3.2 mm - 40 mm from paper edge
Gutter Slit Width5 mm - 15 mm (gutter strips wider than 15 mm will output on stacker tray)
CutsUp to 15 cuts per sheet
Minimum Cut LengthLead edge cut: 3.2 mm; Gutter cut: 4 mm; Trail edge cut: 5 mm
Cut Accuracy±0.2 mm (±0.3 mm for business cards)
CreasesUp to 10 creases per sheet
Crease Accuracy±0.2 mm on finished size
Crease Depth AdjustmentThree Steps
Gutter DeflectorUp to two gutter slits per sheet
Stacker Capacity5.5"
Standard Features Maximum 80 job program memory; proof feed mode (process one sheet); job program computer interface (with software installed) via USB connector; air knife; skew adjustment; double feed detection and reject; image shift compensation with REG mark; automatic set-up with barcode; gutter defl ector; image shrinkage compensation
Electrical120V 50/60Hz 3.3A
Dimensions 30" L x 90" W x 45" H
Weight793 lbs.
Unique id20210630DNC050453417