2007 Komori LS 840 P

2007 Komori LS 840 P

$675,000 (USD)


Komori LS 840 P, 2007

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Serial #187


ModelLS 840 P
Serial Number187
Stock Number2630
FormatEight color forty inch, convertible perfector 4/4 or 8/0
FeaturesPDC-S II Print Density Control Spectrodensitometer (closed loop) PQC-S off-press control console with overhead light Komorimatic II Dampening with Delta effect KMS-IV Komori Management System Non-stop feeder and delivery KHS Komori Hyper System Vacuum feed board
AutomationAutomatic Make Ready for sheet size and thickness AMR Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaning AICC Fully -Automatic Plate Changing F-APC Automatic Ink Roller Cleaner AIRC Automatic Blanket Washers ABW
AccessoriesTresu Royse Dampener (newly installed : 2020) Model : DWC30 Grafix powder spray Technotrans Chiller (newly installed : 2019) Model : Omega.k 180 L KMS/PDC Windows 10 PC Upgrade (newly installed : 2021)
Additionals (Spare Parts)LS40 FEEDER MOTOR HCM150-32S(U)150LB-1 W/28MM SHAFT (newly purchased in press : 2018) Full Set Rubber Roller Train Full Set Cooper Roller Train Consumables (E.G - Blankets, Wash Up Blades, Filters)
Unique id20211014DNC187