Kongsberg XN245 Flatbed Router, 2014 Video

Kongsberg XN245 Flatbed Router, 2014 Video

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Kongsberg XN245 Flatbed Router, 2014 Serial #84-0340 Vertical Tool Force: Standard Tool Stations: 220 N. Power Head crease Station: 500 N movable parts of the machine (traverse, carriage) are surrounded by a set of photocell sensors that, if activated, will immediately stop the machine and wait for the operator to resume operation. (4): May be reduced with certain tool- and configuration combinations (5): Measured without cutting underlay. Max. cutting thickness is tool dependent


Serial Number84-0340
Stock Number2417
Work Area, All Tools66" x 126"
Max. Material size68" x 140"
Max. Material Width w/conveyor system66"
Overall Dimensions w/ front panel109 1/2" x 159 1/2"
Overall Dimensions /RWS (1) (2)141" 3/4" x 156"
Weight1390 lbs.
Position accuracy (3)±.0078”
Repeatability±50 µm – ±.0019”
Maximum Speed50 m/min – 33 IPS
Maximum Acceleration (4)5.6 m/s2 - 0.56 G
Number of Vacuum Sections4
Standard Traverse Clearance (5)Standard clearance 50 mm – 2”
Optional Traverse Clearance (5)High clearance 95 mm – 3 ¾”
Operator SafetyIncluded is the DynaGuard Safety System, which protects the operator and bystanders from potential machine hazards. The
(1)Measured with RWS (revolving workstation) in its standard position
(2)Conveyor feed option will add marginally to the length dimension
(3)Applies across total work area, with standard traverse clearance
Unique id20201202DNC84-0340