Mohr 80 (31.5") Paper Cutter

Mohr 80 (31.5") Paper Cutter

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Mohr 80 (31.5") Paper Cutter

MOHR cutting machines (in the graphics industry also known as guillotine or paper cutter) are durable, programmable cutters with hydraulic drive units.

Both, the company and the operator value not only the uncomplicated operation, but also the long service life of the cutting machine. The unique cutting precision is obtained by a sturdy construction and direct measurement system.

Cutting machine MOHR 80 (31.5") ECO:

The machine is operated via an ergonomically arranged control panel with 5.5" monochrome display and extra low-profile keyboard. Repeat sequences can be saved in one of 198 available memory positions and even be adapted at any time.

Cutting machine MOHR 80 (31.5") PLUS:

Operation via 18.5" touch-screen display. There are 1998 memory positions available for repeat cut sequences. Due to digital workflow integration Compucut® takes the cutting data supplied as ppf or jdf files direct from the prepress stage.

To automatically start available stored cutting programs, the machine is furnished with a bar-code reader. This allows setup times to be reduced to almost zero. The process visualization gives the operator a graphic indication of the material handling. This minimizes the proneness to errors considerably.


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