Crating and Skidding Process

We at Brooks Printing Equipment highly recommend building a crate around all machines we sell for shipping. We know that this comes as an extra expense, however, third-party shipping agents can be very hard on machines. It does not make sense to pay thousands of dollars for a machine only to have it get damaged during transit. Below is our standard crating process.

We start by building a custom oversized base for the machine. This includes a minimum of 2" clearance on all sides of the machine.

On machines with wheels, we elevate them using 2x4's so wheels do not touch base. When that is not possible, we block in the wheels or remove them completely.

We then secure the machine to the base with eye bolts and metal banding. Contact points between the machine and banding protected by cardboard strips

Finally, we put all parts and accessories in card board boxes and place them securely in the crate.

While this may take more time and effort than most companies put forth,we know that our customers appreciate the extra care we take in rigging out our machines.

What occurs when machines are not crated!!

Below is a great example of what can happen to improperly secured machines during transport. These are pictures of a machine we received that was damaged by third party shipping. We did issue an insurance claim on these machines. They were "kind" enough to give us a 1/3 what we paid for the machine for the damages.