Therm-O-Type Super Quad 12, with Two Cassettes

Therm-O-Type Super Quad 12, with Two Cassettes

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Therm-O-Type Super Quad 12 with Two Cassettes

Serial #9905


Serial Number9905
Stock Number2643
Business Cards2" x 3.5"
Slitting 12-up business cards with four sided bleeds9" x 12" stock
12-up business cardslit from sheets in a two-pass process
Running a common top fold formatRun up to 30,000 3.5" wide card strips per hour, producing 60,000 foldover business cards
Slit, Score and PerfA wide range of products can be efficiently slit, scored and/or perforated on the Super Quad-12. Tooling can be pre-configured in cassettes for common formats, or tooling can be installed and adjust by the operator for non-standard formats.
Common applicationsinclude; tickets (with or without perforated stubs), flat/folded tags, post/direct mail cards, greeting cards, announcement and invitations, etc.
Electrical120 Volts 5 Amps Single Phase
Unique id20211027DNC9905