Stik It 4280 Tape Applicator, Video

Stik It 4280 Tape Applicator, Video

$9,000 (USD)


Stik It 4280 Tape Applicator

Serial #832

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ManufacturerTape Service, Ltd.
Serial Number832
Stock Number2987
Tape Application Ranges2-3/4' distance between tapes center to center 1-1/2"
Placement Accuracy+/- 1/16" in strip or spot mode
Tape Applying Heads8 - maximum
Tape TypesPressure sensitive and double coated
Tape Widths (Standard)1/2", 3/4", 1"
Sheet Stock Range2" - 44"
Length Strip Mode4" minimum, no limit on maximum
Length Spot Mode4" minimum - 66" maximum
Thickness2 - point clear plastic to 50-point board
SpeedBodine DC variable speed drive: 70-100 fpm (21.4-30.5 mpm)
ElectricalSingle phase, 110-115 volt, 50/60 Hz., 6 amps
Floor Space Required72" L x 60" W Table Height: 36"
Weight475 lbs.
Unique id20232709DNC832