Nordson DuraPail Bulk Melter

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Nordson DuraPail Bulk Melter

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Nordson DuraPail Bulk Melter

Serial #NC17E00065

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Serial NumberNC17E00065
Stock Number2994
Type of SystemGerotor or gear pump with preset fixed speed AC motor
Pail Diameter11" or 11.3 "
Maximum Pump Rate1203 lb/hr (Actual rates will vary depending on adhesive type, application parameters and input voltage.)
Number of Hoses/Guns2 (hydraulic & electrical)
Maximum Working Hydraulic Pressure1500 psi
Operating Temperature Range100 to 450°F
Ambient Temperature Range23 to 122° F
Temperature Control Stability2°F
Temperature SensorNi 120
Input/Output Capability Standard3 STD Outputs – programmable for function 4 STD Inputs – programmable for function
Maximum System Power Capacity9100 watts
Electrical200 VAC 3 phase delta 50/60 Hz 240 VAC 3 phase delta 50/60 Hz 400 VAC 3 phase Y 50/60 Hz 400 VAC 3 phase delta 50/60 Hz 480 VAC 3 phase delta 50/60 Hz
Melter Dimensions46.9" W x 75.6" H x 21.3" D
Installation Dimensions61.8" x 75.6" x 35.6"
Unique id20231610DNCNC17E00065