Duplo DC-745, 2010

Duplo DC-745, 2010

$10,000 (USD)


Duplo DC- 745 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser, 2010

Serial #100955360

Paper Count: 00505410


Serial Number100955360
Stock Number3091
Feeder Capacity5.9"
In-Feed Paper SizeWidth:8.26” x 14.56” Length:8.26” x 25.6”
Finished SizeMinimum: 1.89” W x 1.97” L Maximum:14.56” W x 25.6” L (up to 39.3” length can be programmed and processed using the control panel)
Paper Weight110 - 350 gsm / 80 lb. text - 130 lb. cover
Speed (3-Step Setting)50 ppm (A4 SEF, lead/trim 10 mm, center crease) 40 ppm when using CCD
Image Shift CompensationReading modes: every sheet, every “x” sheet, adjust over “x” mm shift only, first sheet only
Tolerance±0.2 mm
Slits6 standard slitter tools (2 margin slitters, 4 center slitters)
CutsMaximum 20 cuts per sheet
CreasesMaximum 15 creases per sheet
Crease Depth Adjustment3 steps (from control panel)
Exit Tray Capacity5.9"
Card Stacker (Standard)Type: Elevator-automatically lowers as finished pieces are delivered
Stackable card sizeWidth: 1.89” x 14.56” Length: 1.97” x 5.9”
Standard Features80 job memory in main unit; test feed (1 sheet); air knife; side blow; feed skew adjustment; ultrasonic double-feed detection; automatic job recall via barcode reading; image drift compensation via registration mark reading; reject; card stacker; waste chopper; waste box; emergency stop switch; cleaning mode; PC controller software
Power Consumption115V: 5.5A 670W, 60Hz 230V: 3.2A 660W, 50/60Hz
Dimensions90" W x 34" d x 44" H Required Footprint: 111” W x 66” D x 63” H
Weight992 lbs.
Electrical115 Volts 5.5Amps 60 Hz
Unique id100955360DNC20240606