Slautterback KB20 Gluer


Slautterback KB20 Gluer

$5,500 (USD)


Serial #SB02D00284 Includes folder plate with 2 glue nozzles, and Stand The versatile Slautterback® KB20 Melt Unit supplies hotmelt adhesive for a wide range of manual and automatic packaging and product assembly operations. The Slautterback® KB20 holds up to 20 pounds (9Kilograms) of hotmelt in pillow, pellet, slab or bulk form. The unique tank shape concentrates heat at the bottom while maintaining cooler temperatures at the top. This minimizes adhesive degradation and charring which reduces pump, hose and nozzle plugging. A powerful electric motor with a positive displacement gear pump pressurizes and feeds adhesive through heated hoses to handguns or automatic applicators.


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