Saturn ST-1100 Strapping System 2015 Video

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Saturn ST-1100 Strapping System 2015 Video

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Saturn ST-1100 Strapping System, 2015 Serial #G215-401-23807


ManufacturerHighland Industries
ModelSaturn ST-1100
Serial NumberG215-401-23807
Stock Number2342
Strapping SpeedUp to 30 Straps per minute
Strap Thickness1/4” to 5/8” wide polypropylene strapping
Tension Capacity10 to 100 pounds
Electrical120 V, 6OHz, 15A
Machine Length36 inches
Machine Width23 inches
Machine Table Height29 inches
Weight220 lbs.
Dimensions40” length, 24” Width and 30” tall
Strap Coil Size Accepts8” or 9″ID by 8” wide cores
Unique id20200811DNCG215-401-23807