GeraFold 218 Video


GeraFold 218 Video

$7,000 (USD)


GeraFold 218 Serial #850012156 High productivity off-line paper folding macine for large documents (Graphic prints, CAD, Maps) Maximum productivity, thanks to the large table designed to enable an uninterrupted workflow at 15 A0 / E-size / minute Professional folding machine for small and large format documents in black and white and color. Wide choice of folding patterns, styles and customizable programs according to the needs thanks to the touch screen control panel Ability to fold a wide range of prints (graphics and CAD) Unlimited fan Fold operation Cross fold up to 3 panels and thickness of up to 8 panels Quiet and reliable Manualcutting device for trimming documents (optional GeraFold 218 standard for Gera cut & fold 218) The manual cutter has been designed to allow trimming of documents while folding. The A4/A package is obtained as follows. Trim the copy lead and trail edge Fan fold the trimmed document Trim fan-folded package side edges Cross fold to obtain A4/A package The new touch screen controls allows Easy Job set-up Full Customization of folding styles folding quality adjustment according to media type Video tutorials for installation and service procedures


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