3M-Matic Adjustable Case Sealer 700A

3M-Matic Adjustable Case Sealer 700A

$3,500 (USD)


3M-Matic Adjustable Case Sealer 700A, 1993

Serial #3762


Serial Number3762
Stock Number2543
FeaturesStainless steel construction for use in corrosive and high moisture environments, Manually adjustable to a wide range of box sizes, Seals uniform cases up to 30 per minute,
Designed to Sealseal the top and bottom center seams
Height Adjustment Crankraises or lowers the taping head to adjust to box height and compressions rollers position the top flaps of each box for precise sealing
Gearmotorprovides power to the drive belts which run at 78 feet per minute. It can be quickly shut down using the centrally located emergency stop switch.
Seals top and bottom of boxbroad range of uniform RSC sizes from 6" to 21.5" wide and 4.75" to 24.5" high and from 5 to 85 pounds
Electrical115V 3.8 Amps 60Hz 440Watts
Unique id20210508DNC3762